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Open Doors Program

This program, funded by NYS Department of Health is designed to work with you,  family or friends you want involved in the process, and the staff at the nursing home.

Rachael Halstead, the Center’s Transition Specialist will provide you with comprehensive, unbiased information about home and community based services you may need in order to return to your home.

Once equipped with this information, it is up to YOU to decide if you wish to continue working towards a discharge back into the community.

The program is strictly voluntary and you can change your mind at any time.

What will happen if I ask to speak with someone about returning to the community?

1. The nursing home staff will contact Catskill Center for Independence

2. Rachael Halstead, Transition Specialist, from Catskill Center for Independence will call or visit you to learn what services and supports you need.

Then she will look into:

  • Your housing options and/or home modification services
  • Available services such as help with your medical and personal care
  • Programs that may help pay for these services (like Medicaid, Medicare, or private insurance).

3. If the services and supports you need are available, you decide whether or not to start the plan to leave the nursing home.

4. You can change your mind at any time.



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